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Long Reach Rake

Your Beach Only Better


Long Reach RakeFor those of us lucky enough to have a lake front property at our disposal, it is important to maintain a fresh, clean waterfront. Whether the space is used for fishing, water sports such as skiing, tubing or boating, or simply as a beautiful focal point to relax by, a maintained and crystal clear lake is much preferred to an area overrun with debris.

Enter: The Long Reach Lake Rake! This fascinating and absolutely necessary tool brought to you by Weeders Digest is the easiest way to keep your lake looking luxurious. This product has been a best kept secret of lake lovers and boaters alike, and is now being brought to the surface and raved about for its ease of use, affordability and excellent outcomes. No other rake comes close to the cleaning power of this time saving tool.

The Long Reach Lake Rake comes equipped with a 36” wide head, giving the user maximum benefit for each swoop. The head also comes with a detachable float to make easy work of long reach cleaning. The user does not have to try and balance the weight of the rake head while grabbing at algae, seaweed and other floating debris. The float also makes for an easy steer back to the dock or boat.

If it’s the bottom of your lake that needs a good raking, simply remove the attached float. The standard Lake Rake comes with an 11′ handle, and for a deeper reach there is an extension available enabling the rake to reach as far as 16.5′ down or across the surface. Another great feature that comes standard is a 20′ nylon rope, which is attached to the rake and can be used as a bonus toss and retrieval method for those times when an even further reach is necessary for clearing debris.

Customers have raved about this product and have left positive reviews commenting on the ease of assembly, the large quantity of debris they were able to pick up when compared with other rakes, the fantastic quality and even putting an end to a twenty year search to combat a weed infestation! The Long Reach Lake Rake is an affordable solution to the quandaries of living on a lake front. Whether weekend home or year round residence, we want our water ways to be enjoyed by nature and guests alike, and our chores to be made light duty.